IAM Gallery, Madrid
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February, 2013.

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Last February 15th ZOSEN and MINA HAMADA finally presented their first duo show, “NEOFAUVISMO”, at IAM Gallery Madrid. For that occasion I can’t drop the ball to go to La Escocesa, where the artists have their own studios, and, welling out their kind flair, make them some questions about the exhibit. Soon Zosen, showing some new creations, starts explaining me the show’s name.

“Neofauvismo” as new fauvism, cause they feel rather heirs of that avant guarde. Like the Fauvist, “les fauves” or “wild beasts”, as you prefer call them, this two young and explosive artists employ the color - "their accidental common ground"- in a pure, strong, vivid, provocative and savage way, feeling so to inher from that world – not the style – but the consciousness that the color hedges the skill to express feelings and emotions”, otherwise that the capacity to provide the artworks of a maximum expressive emphasis through a formal representation simplification and the use of vibrant colors.

Zosen and Mina Hamada, couple artist now based in Barcelona, came from two different cultures and backgrounds. Zosen’s born in Buenos Aires (Argentina) but he moved to Barcelona in the 90′s while Mina born in Louisiana (USA) and grows up in Japan. For sure it’s not easy mixing and combining so different worlds into an only one, but Zosen and Mina have realized it. Their symbolic universes (the one more instinctive, strong, direct as well for the social themes and natural of him; and the one more feminine, sweet, enchanted and meticulous of hers) look out for themselves and, thanks to the power they hire colors, they can meet each others and magically melding, integrating and enriching mutually, creating artworks that often and surprisingly seem to born from just one author.

Zosen and Mina Hamada, both tied to the underground, move into interdisciplinary fields (illustration, painting and graffitis) and represent a part of the more creative artistic scene active in Spain. They meet so quite by chance, during a workshop given by Zosen, and soon they’ve started joining and merging their creativities to realize artworks on different supports, like walls and paper. They’ve already collaborate in many projects, like mural interventions, silkscreens and a recent book “Otomo Atomico”, but it’s for this show that they work together on canvas for the first time, letting enter once again their style and their world into a gallery, inviding it – as all the spaces round them – with their flair, freshness, glee and positive power. Right ready to exhibit in Japan next March, Zosen and Mina has opened “Neofauvismo” in Madrid during the ARCO, the most important art contemporary fair in Spain and all the offARCO activities, surely giving to the gallery the most colored and funniest way to celebrate its first year anniversary.