I’m an Italian arts manager and independent curator based in Barcelona.

I'm deeply involved with the most contemporary aspects of visual arts and culture, particularly focusing my work on that part of the new avant-gardes related to the underground scene - since I recognized that as the purest and most original form of art. 

I have a degree and I level Master's degree with honors in Maths from the University of Bologna, and a II level Master degree in Arts Management from UIC University (Barcelona).

I started working with arts and culture in 2005, with the “Maths and Culture in Europe” project of the Bologna University, and since I’ve been living in Barcelona, I’ve had the pleasure to work in renowned galleries, be part of several projects, and work as co-editor. I’m currently working for Sixe Paredes as his assistant, and write for Libra Magazine by 25 Gramos. 

In my spare time, I get platonic relationships with John Fante, Albert Einstein and David Lynch.

Here’s my portfolio of selected works I wrote for shows, book editions or in collab with online magazines from 2014 until now. Please feel free to share and credit.

Jobs and collabs: Miscelanea Gallery/ Senda Gallery/ Galeria Tuset/ WeArt Festival/ Dress Your Wall Market/ Arts from Chaos Colective/ Doble Cobra Ed./ MTN blog/ 25 gramos