Futurismo Ancestral

Somerset House, London
Posted on Art From Chaos  

May, 2014.
Language: English
Ph: Rafa Suñen
Categories: Magazine Collab

Just come back from Belgium, where he realized his last mural during the first Charleroi Biennal of Urban Art, SIXE PAREDES can’t stop and – as we announced in his interview – he has already landed to London where on the 21st of May he’s going to open his new exhibition, entitled “FUTURISMO ANCESTRAL”, at Somerset House (London).

A complete "multi sensorial" experience more than a typical show, "Futurismo Ancestral: an offering to Peru by Sixe Paredes" is the tribute, the offering to Peru by the Catalan artist in collaboration with A(b)P.

Playing with assimilating the traditional Andean arts forms in his work (the geometric style and the powerful and colorful tones coexisting in a polymorphic imaginary are really common elements in its), after his last tour around the Peruvian lands Sixe Paredes works hard and creates a new series of installations and 25 large works, exclusively for this project. Among this excellent production we should find tapestries, totem sculptures, ceramics and quipus (a system of knotted cords developed by the Incas to communicate and record important information, or otherwise known as ‘talking knots’), masks and chichas (hand-drawn concert posters decorated with fluorescent inks).

Under this title, “Futurismo Ancestral” appeals to the desire to redefine and formalize his personal style and language through the influence of the folk art and the art brut, turning to contextualize it from a more contemporary perspective. A continuous interplay between ancestral and contemporary. Tradition and modernity. Mystical and futuristic. This is what Sixe Paredes magically manages to transmit us. And what surely transforms the extraordinary neo-classical Somerset House building into the ideal scenario in which the project should be presented.